Performance over Privilege & Pedigree.

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Bias Free Decisions


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We craft general and bespoke tools to help talent decision makers make better and fairer talent decisions. Decisions ranging from C-suite Talent Strategy level, to single hiring manager level.



Diagnosis means analysing how you currently work. Looking at your external hiring or internal promotion data to answer a set of deceptively simple questions:

  1. Is bias the key bottleneck to hiring/promoting more diversity in our organisation?
  2. If yes, at what stage, how much and what demographic is bias impacting?
  3. If not, what is the real bottleneck to hiring/promoting more diversity in our organisation?

Unless you have data driven answers to these questions, diagnosis is mandatory before accessing our solution tool.


Blind Hiring

When bias has been quantifiably diagnosed in your external hiring process or your internal mobility/promotions process, blind hiring delivers proven impact.

Replicating the academically verified Orchestra study, our platform lets you screen talent on performance, not pedigree or privilege.

If you fear that bias negatively impacts talent decisions, talk to us (anonymously, if need be).

Some questions that we have helped answer are:

  1. How do we today scout external diverse talent that in 5-7 year is our new leadership?
  2. What is the impact of increasing intersectionality on our company culture & coherence?
  3. Who of our remote workforce is likely to quit due to cultural reasons?
  4. What percentage of our talent is at risk of burnout?

If you have a talent question that’s not been answered satisfactorily, perhaps we can help.