10% more diversity every quarter, by design.

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Diagnosis means analysing how you currently work. How you attract, screen, hire and promote. Spotting barriers between you and your goals. A diagnosis ensures that the corrective measures selected, work for you and help achieve your goals.


Inclusive Job Ads

Have you ever considered that inclusive language might just be one part of better Job Descriptions? That another part is missing, to create full impact? We’ve designed a way to minimise the bias of qualified AND diverse applicants to self select out after reading your job ad.


Blind Hiring

When you feel, suspect or know that unconscious bias is blocking diversity, blind hiring delivers proven impact. Replicating the academically verified Orchestra study, our platform lets you screen candidates on job-readiness. Read this to learn more.


Growth Mindset

“Growth mindset” is the belief that abilities and talents are malleable rather than fixed. How do you know if your employees have a growth mindset? Our growth mindset assessment and workshop helps foster a growth mindset company culture and sets you up to better handle the VUCA world we live in.